Environmental, Social and Governance Responsibility

2019 Environmental, Social and Governance Report


For more than two decades, Renewable Energy Group has blended environmental stewardship with effective solutions. Today, at over 800 employees strong, our commitments to the environment, our people and ongoing advancement are as solid as ever.

Those who have worked with us know our governance is to produce sustainable fuels that accelerate the transition to renewable, clean energy because our planet simply cannot wait. We are proud to contribute to the circular economy by utilizing inputs that are largely waste byproducts from other industries, creating quality fuel that helps address increasing environmental carbon levels.
Sustainability is at the core of what we do, but we’re also focused on social responsibility and corporate governance. That’s why we’ve incorporated environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices into our operations and philosophy. Stakeholders in many industries are increasingly expressing interest in companies’ ESG impacts, which led us to create our first-ever ESG report.
In the report, you’ll learn that REG produced nearly half a billion gallons of biodiesel and renewable diesel in 2019, which helped reduce carbon emissions by more than 4 metric tons.* But our environmental efforts go beyond our products. We also continuously search for ways to operate more efficiently, and in the report you’ll learn about our energy usage and projects that reduced waste and emissions. You’ll also see safety data, highlights of employee initiatives and results from philanthropic efforts. 
Finally, our ESG report provides information on the board of directors, governance structures and policies that demonstrate how our values and high ethical standards guide us to operate in the long-term best interests of our customers and shareholders.
Though 2020 is proving to be a rollercoaster of a year for many people and companies, our dedication to safety, transparency, continuous improvement and carbon reduction is steadfast. Take a look for yourself with the REG 2019 Environmental, Social and Governance Report.

*Carbon reduction based on life cycle analysis of REG-produced fuels (U.S. and E.U.) versus petroleum diesel based on CA-GREET when available and GHGenius when CA-GREET life cycle analysis not available.




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