REG Glycerin

A reliable solution for high-quality products. 

REG Glycerin is a high-quality, consistent co-product from biodiesel production that REG strategically markets domestically and internationally from a growing network of biorefineries. 

Consistency and Quality to Meet Your Specifications 

  • Multi-feedstock biodiesel sources
    • Vegetable oil and animal fat-based glycerin products
    • Glycerin quality guaranteed, regardless of biodiesel feedstock
  • Quality from advanced production technology 
    • Methanol recovery technology alleviates excess methanol in finished glycerin
    • Impurities are removed before, during and after biodiesel/glycerin production process
  • Automated process controls glycerin quality 
    • Two rolling monthly quality reports are generated and available to customers
    • Segregated glycerin storage maintains quality 

Volume and Logistics to Meet Your Demands 

  • More than 400 million pounds of glycerin production capacity 
    • Domestic and international transportation, including railcar loading
    • REG Glycerin can be used in a wide variety of markets, from animal feed to industrial applications 
  • Sales contracting options 
    • Fixed price or indexed for fixed volume over a specific shipping period
    • Spot pricing 



REG Glycerin Product Lineup



Glycerin Bottoms

Crude Glycerin

Glycerin 90

Glycerin 95

Glycerin Content% wt, min40789095
Moisture% wt, max0.51322
Methanol% wt, max0.
Ash% wt, max3070.30.3
Total Fatty Acid% wt, max15111
pHRange-4.0 - 7.54.0 - 7.54.0 - 7.5
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