Renewable Energy Group, Inc.

REG-9000™ Biodiesel

REG is committed to redefining quality with our REG-9000 biodiesel product line-up.

We offer national supply and logistics for on-demand biodiesel delivery.

  • Seven commercial-scale biodiesel production facilities total more than 225 million gallons of biodiesel production each year
  • Flexibility in product availability from multiple network plants across the country
  • Seventeen terminal locations
  • Dedicated rail car fleet and nationwide truck fleet partnerships for on-demand delivery

With a laboratory at each biorefinery, we make quality assurance our number one priority.

  • REG-9000 biodiesel product line-up offers more stringent standards than ASTM D6751 specifications
  • RIN generating facilities are BQ-9000® Producers
  • Patent-pending feedstock purification technology guarantees quality regardless of feedstock

With a full-time RINs manager, REG offers superior RIN compliance for RFS2 obligated parties.

  • Internal accounting system linked directly to EMTS to avoid time delays in RIN transactions
  • Early adopter of EMTS
  • Dedicated full-time RIN manager
  • Centralized RIN management program tracks RINs from all REG manufacturing facilities
  • Eligible to produce Biomass-Based Diesel and Advanced Biofuels category RINs

REG offers several pricing and risk management options to meet your needs. Contact your biodiesel sales manager to learn more.

  • Supply contracts
  • Indexed pricing
  • Spot pricing
  • Feedstock-plus pricing
  • Ability to attach additional RINs with each wet gallon(up to 2.5 RINs per gallon)